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Chemical Protective Clothing
Light Chemical Protective Clothing

Eastsafe2008 Protective clothing

Eastsafe2008 Product Protection Levels
EN 14605/Type4:Spray Tigth Clothing
EN13982-1/Type5:Protection against dusts and dry particulates
Ljmn,82/90≤30 and Ls,8/10≤15%
EN13034/Type6:Ligth spray/splash proof clothing
EN1149-1 Fabric anti-statically treated and offers electrostatic protection when suitably grounded
EN1073-2 Protection against radioactive particulate contamination
EN14126 Protective clothing against infective agents

Body Measurements(cm)
Size Chest Body Height
S 84-92 164-170
M 92-100 170-176
L 100-108 176-182
XL 108-116 182-188
XXL 116-124 188-194
XXXL 124-132 194-200

Limitations of Use
1.Care should be taken when removing contaminated garments,so as not to contaminate the user with any hazardous substances.If garments are contaminated then decontamination procedures should be followed (i.e.decontamination shower)prior to removal of the garment. Eastsafe garments are not designed for use in extreme environments.
2.The wearing of chemical protective clothing may cause heat stress if appropriate consideration is not given to the workplace environment and performance of the protective clothing in terms of comfort ratings.For advice on the suitability of Eastsafe products in your environment please contact Eastsafe or your distributor.
3.Appropriate undergarments should be considered to minimise heat stress or damage to your Eastsafe product. For advice please contact Eastsafe.
4.The determination of suitability of Eastsafe products for an application is the final responsibility of the user.All Eastsafe products are recommended for single use application.Upon contamination wear or damage the garment should be removed and appropriately disposed of at the earliest convenience.
5.Where Eastsafe products are used in conjunction with other PPE,and for full”Type”protection it is necessary to tape cuffs to gloves、ankles to boots、the hood to the respiratory device.The user shall be the sole judge for the correct combination of Eastsafe product and additional PPE.
6.Eastsafe Ltd shall not accept liability whatsoever for improper use of Eastsafe products.

Prior to use
In the unlikely event of defects,do not wear the coverall. Please return the defective garment (unused and uncontaminated to Eastsafe Ltd.We will replace any faulty garments free of charge.

Eastsafe products may be stored according to customary storage practices.

Eastsafe products can be incinerated or buried in a controlled landfill without harming the environment.Disposal restrictions depend only upon the contaminant introduced during use.

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